Students in Year 5 at Malvern Primary enjoyed re-enacting the 1800’s on the goldfields. Every student was given a part, which they had to dress up as and play that role. From bossy and unfair teachers, sweets and treats stalls, barbers, bushrangers that always got caught, troopers that were very slow at service, diggers, banks that were packed with shillings, pubs that didn’t have enough soft drink and finally the bowling alley that the skitd1tles were always on the ground. The Grade 5’s did this project following a recent visit to Ballarat and they are also are studying the Gold Rush this term. We interviewed the Grade 5 co-ordinator Mrs Costa and she said it was massive success.Here is one of the student’s answers to this question – Did you enjoy your role and what can we improve on next year? “I was thrilled with my role as a student in 1850’s and had heaps of great people to work with! I think this was a huge success and not much has to change to make it any better.”

Reporter – Claudia N