March 2016

Kingston Division Swim Carnival

Congratulations to the 15 students that competed last week in the Kingston Division Swim Meet, it was a great day. Each swimmer did their best, which was great to see. Our 9/10 girls freestyle team – Olivia S, Lulu B, Indi C and April L finished first and will compete tomorrow at the Southern Region

February 2016

Digital Licence Challenge comes to Malvern Primary

Last year, Google announced a partnership with The Alannah and Madeline Foundation to provide an eSmart Digital Licence to every grade six student in Australia. This new initiative, aimed at ten-year-olds and above, leads children through an interactive course on how to be smart, safe and responsible digital citizens. They'll learn what's OK to share

December 2015

Pasta Chef

Boom! The flour was in the air, crack, the eggs were on the table. Grade Four’s were ready to get their hands dirty. Signora Bertucci and Signora Kelly were ready to rock and roll with the pasta. Signora Bertucci put all the flour into the shape of a well, and then cracked the eggs in

Junior House Sports

Last Thursday was the Junior House Sports Day and it was a great success. Thank you to all the teachers and grade sixes who helped out, all the prep to grade 2 children who competed and especially Mrs Brown for organising the whole day. Everyone did a great job. On the day, there were six


Just after their camp to Ballarat from studying Australia’s Gold Rush, the Year 5’s set up “Day at the Diggings” & re-enacted Ballarat in 1851! The year 5’s set up stalls, shops with delicious treats, and a school, a bowling alley with prizes, a bank, a barber and much more to bring Ballarat to Malvern


Students in Year 5 at Malvern Primary enjoyed re-enacting the 1800’s on the goldfields. Every student was given a part, which they had to dress up as and play that role. From bossy and unfair teachers, sweets and treats stalls, barbers, bushrangers that always got caught, troopers that were very slow at service, diggers, banks

November 2015

Sustainability with the Junior School Council

On Thursday the 5th of November a lady came in from the Stonnington Council to speak to the JSC and the green team members about sustainability. First, she showed us a video about Armadale Primary and what they do to be sustainable. They have solar panels and automatic lights so that when people leave the

Grade 4 Cricket Clinic

We were all ready and waiting on the cricket pitch. The bowler took a run up and then bowled a fast ball. Everyone went out of formation as the ball was whacked up high into the air up above our heads. The Grade 4s were having their cricket clinic at WC Lucas Oval on the

Grade 6 Writing Samples

The following are some descriptive pieces written by the year sixes under the title, Ways of Seeing. The objective was: To describe an object, person or setting in a way that includes relevant details and is accurate and evocative. John apprehensively stared all the way down from the wooden platform. The