School Council

Malvern Primary School Council has a membership of 15:

  • 8 parents
  • 5 DEECD employees, which includes the Principal as the executive officer
  • 2 community members

School Council meets at least twice per term currently on Monday evenings. School Councillors have a number of roles and responsibilities which they carry out during the course of the year, one being membership of a sub-committee.

School Council sub-committees have been formed to assist in carrying out its responsibilities. These sub-committees meet at least twice per term and have set goals and targets determined by school council and our School Charter.

Currently, our sub-committees are:

  • Buildings, Grounds and Sustainability
  • Finance
  • Education and Policy
  • Spring Fair
  • Traffic Working Party

School Council elections are held each year to appoint four parent and two DET employee positions. The notice of election is advertised through the weekly school newsletter in February of each year. Further information on school council elections can be obtained from the School Communities and Network Unit of DET.

All government schools in Victoria have school councils. These are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the key directions of a school. In the performance of their role, school councils are able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students.

Within guidelines provided by the DET, a school council has responsibilities for developing such things as:

  • the school’s strategic plan which sets out the main goals and priorities of the school for three years
  • the school’s budget which shares out the available resources to make sure that the plans of the charter are carried out
  • the general educational policy of the school
  • the physical appearance and maintenance of the school’s buildings and grounds
  • the student code of conduct which provides a safe and orderly environment for learning
  • an annual report on the school’s achievements.