pasta chef

Boom! The flour was in the air, crack, the eggs were on the table. Grade Four’s were ready to get their hands dirty. Signora Bertucci and Signora Kelly were ready to rock and roll with the pasta. Signora Bertucci put all the flour into the shape of a well, and then cracked the eggs in one by one.  Now all the grades were getting extremely interested. She started to mix the eggs with the flour till both combined. When she had finished she took the dough and gave a piece to everyone and she showed everyone what to do. Push, fold, turn! Push, Fold, Turn. We all had a go with our piece of dough, we pushed, folded and turned it till it was ready to put in the pasta machine. The parents who came to help, set the machine to 1. We put it through about 4 -5 times then set it to a higher settings each time to make the dough thin. Then we put it through the other bit to cut the pasta. After we had cut all the pasta, we needed to get the container and sprinkle some flour in it then put the pasta in and then we were done. We are all very grateful for all the parents how they came and helped us! Thank you. Charlotte K. 4JW



The flour is everywhere, the eggs crack and start to slime down into the flour. Signoria Bertucci is getting her hands extremely dirty as she shows us the first part of our pasta making.  She makes a well in the flour and cracks the egg into the well and starts to mix the flour and egg together. She told us to push, fold, push, fold. Then we got our own piece and did the same. Push, fold, push, fold. Then the very exciting part, the pasta machines came out. Parents and Signoria Kelly are helping with the pasta machines. We all go to the parent helpers and make pasta. The pasta machines look like this.

There are two bits on the pasta machine. One of them was where you put the pasta through and it and it goes thin and long, and the other one is when it gets long enough, it will cut it. There is numbers on the side of the pasta machine. The smaller the number is, the thinner the pasta goes. We went through most of the numbers. When we went through the pasta machine a lot of times it started to get really long.

After we had the pasta cut in the machine we spread the pasta out in a container and left it on our table for the rest of the day and we cooked it at home that night. The pasta was delicious!!!! Annabelle E 4JW