On Thursday the 5th of November a lady came in from the Stonnington Council to speak to the JSC and the green team members about sustainability. First, she showed us a video about Armadale bbPrimary and what they do to be sustainable. They have solar panels and automatic lights so that when people leave the room, the lights turn off so it does not matter if you forget to turn the lights off. After we watched the video we played bingo to do with sustainability and we discussed some ideas to make our school a more sustainable place. Finally, we went outside to plant seeds into a small pot. Some of us planted bean seeds and some of us planted tomato seeds. To finish off, we watered our little plants. It was a great way to learn more about how we can be more sustainable.

By Will  S       Year 6

Last Thursday, Chloe from the Stonington Council came to talk to the junior school councillors as well as the environmental science officers about sustainability. She talked about how to be more environmentally friendly and gave us useful tips about how to save energy and water. We were also informed about the impact that Nude Food has on this planet and were encouraged to bring nude food. At the end of the lesson, we were given an opportunity to take home either a bean plant or a tomato plant to grow at home.

By Amy L         Year 4