Just after their camp to Ballarat from studying Australia’s Gold Rush, the Year 5’s set up “Day at the Diggings” & re-enacted Ballarat in 1851! The year 5’s set up stalls, shops with delicious treats, and a school, a bowling alley with prizes, a bank, a barber and much more to bring Ballarat to Malvern East! Many families and parents of the Year 5’s came to see and buy some of the many varieties of food. Some of the food sold included was slices, toffee apples, cookies, ginger beer, lemonade, boiled lollies and much more! The Year 5’s also dressed for the occasion! They dressed in clothes that were worn back then like aprons and a bonnet and a long dress for girldigs and for boys, jeans, a blazer and a top hat! If you had about 2 shillings you could get your fortune told, have two glasses of soft drink, get a haircut from the barber, get a miner’s licence and dig for gold and soo much more! But don’t think it was all sugar coated! There were also dirty-rotten BUSHRANGERS!!! They were allowed to run around and steal money. “All our money was stolen!” said Sophie after a bushranger raided their soft drink store. The Year 5’s did a splendid job of creating Ballarat again at Malvern Primary school! They were all very happy with their end product and would love to  do it again!                                                                           From left is Sunhidi, Keisha, Mimi & Alex.           Reporter – Jas T.                                                                                                            They ran a Sweet store.