School Camps

Year 4 Camp


The Year 4 Camp at Coonawarra is in a bush setting on the Iguana Creek in beautiful East Gippsland, Victoria. Students experience the independence of living with their peers for three days.

While at Camp Coonawarra, students participate in a range of challenging activities including Giant Swing, Flying Fox, Orienteering, Climbing Wall, Archery and The Labarynth. Students work in small groups to support each other and strengthen the relationships with peers and teachers that are so important to their learning for the rest of the year. They often come away from the camp with feelings of pride in their achievements and with a greater understanding of and respect for their peers.

Year 5 Camps

Portsea Camp

The Portsea camp is held in first term so that it provides an opportunity for the teachers and students to get to know one another and to bond as a group. The camp provides recreational activities with a focus on Leadership Programs.

Through these leadership activities students will:

  • Continue to develop resilience through challenging fears and extending comfort zones
  • Support peers
  • Fine tune communication skills
  • Develop a positive outlook on achievements
  • Learn about co-operation and team building skills
  • Work through conflict resolution activities
  • Take ownership and accountability
  • Develop creative skills
  • Set Goals

Sovereign Hill

Grade 5 students study Australian History in Term 4. Students will learn about the Victorian Gold Rush era and the impact it had on Australia’s identify. Students will closely examine immigration, historical figures, the importance of gold on the economy and basic political structures. The overnight stay will include the AURA Sound & Light show The following day will see students participating in activities at the Ballarat Art Gallery- a guided gallery tour, complete watercolour pictures and participate in a Eureka Stockade court case role play.

Year 6 Camps


In Grade 6, students attend Camp Coolamatong which is situated on approximately 70 hectares in Paynesville. It is a camp catering for up to 100 children and staff. The complex provides its guests with bunk room accommodation, good food, clean and comfortable amenities. Special emphasis will be given at the camp to co-operative learning and exciting individual experiences which result in personal development and a greater appreciation of the natural environment of the Gippsland Lakes region. Activities students participate in include; Sailing, Rafting, Water Skiing, Indigenous Studies, Canoeing, Archery and Bush Cooking.

Ski Camp

The Ski Camp is an alpine-based adventure camp based at Mt Buller Ski Resort. Students are provided with the opportunity, regardless of ability, to learn to ski and challenge themselves in a most unique environment.

The camp has been in operation for over 20 years, with parents also afforded the opportunity to participate as volunteer helpers and instructors. The camp has a focus around the school values, with a  strong emphasis placed on “Respect Others” and “Value the Environment”. Students spend 3 days on the mountain, have access to 3 professional ski lessons, through the Buller Ski School, and is available to all students in Grade 6.