Student Leadership

studentleaderThere is great interest and activity in primary schools in student leadership. Primary schools report that involving students in leadership activities is one of the most practical and helpful strategies for gaining the co-operation of students and increasing the value that they and their families place on schooling.

At Malvern Primary School, we focus on developing our students’ leadership skills through formal leadership programs and practical leadership experiences. This approach recognises that students can be leaders across many different areas, and that leadership skills learnt in primary school can lay the foundations for future leadership opportunities.

Leadership Characteristics

  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Persistence
  • Creativity
  • Organisation
  • Emotional Awareness (of self and others)
  • Openness (to new ideas and alternative points of view)

It is our aim to promote and develop leadership skills in all students. These opportunities range from classroom responsibilities and personal confidence development, to more formal leadership roles. We have a well developed Buddy programme, allowing older students the opportunity to form relationships with, and act as role models to, younger students. Students in Year 6 have additional opportunities to develop their leadership skills. The leadership roles that are available include School Captains, House Captains, Sports Captains, Art Captains, Library Captains, Environmental Science Captains, Music Captains and ICT Captains.